Terms of use

Hello, and WELCOME to Faithbook. We do not have many Terms of Use here, but what we do have in place, we request that you adhere to them.

1. You MUST be no younger than 13 years of age in order to be a member.

2. We are here to have a great time, but most of all we want to honor God in every way. Please keep it clean. No Profanity, and absolutely NO PORNOGRAPHY. Please do not upload offensive pictures of yourself, questionable videos, or any content to this site, for that is grounds for banishment.

3. No BULLYING of anyone here at Faithbook.

4. If you are here to only promote a Business, Affiliate Program, we will delete your profile. Maybe in the future, we may have a place to promote such endeavors.

5. No public or private comments soliciting (spamming) of members, without their prior consent to receive such solicitation from you is also not allowed.

For now, these are the Terms Of Use. We have the right to change them in time, if need be. But for now, other than these five rules, we pray you will have a great time among those that Love the Lord

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