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BillGlenney Sep 28

June 28, 2005
by Tim LaHaye (Author), Greg Dinallo (Author)

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Now Tim LaHaye has created a new series that begins with "Babylon Rising. The novels in this new series are even faster-paced thrillers based on prophecies that are not covered in the Left Behind books and that have great relevance to the events of today.
"Babylon Rising introduces a terrific new hero for our time. Michael Murphy is a scholar of Biblical prophecy, but not the sedate and tweedy kind. Murphy is a field archaeologist who defies danger to fearlessly hunt down and authenticate ancient artifacts from Biblical times. His latest discovery is his most amazing--but it will send him hurtling from a life of excavation and revelations to a confrontation with the forces of the greatest evil. For the latest secret uncovered by Michael Murphy accelerates the countdown to the time of the end for all mankind.

My Rating

5/5 stars

My Review

After a long break from the Left Behind series, I saw Babylon Rising written by the same autho and decided to give it a try. mind you it was written in 2005 and i am reading it now now in 2018.  It was an excellent book! Babylon Rising introduces the reader to a biblical archaeologist named Michael Murphy and sends us along on his adventures to find artifacts that will authenticate the stories of the Bible. This is pretty much a Christian Indiana Jone meets the Villians of James Bond.

In this first book in the series, Murphy is led by a mysterious man named Methuselah on a dangerous treasure hunt to find pieces of a puzzle to locate the Golden Head of Nebuchadnezzar. However, there is another powerful and deadly group named the Seven that are on this quest and they will stop at nothing to attempt to stop Murphy.

The story in this book moves at a vrey fast pace and as I said above, Murphy's character reminded me of a religious Indiana Jones. The biblical references are prominent but never overbearing and at times the descriptions made me feel as if I were right there on the hunt. The good versus evil theme of the book is well-written and the ending left me eager to read the next book in the series - "The Secret on Arart".

I would strongly recommend this book to any fan of Christian fiction or any reader who enjoys a good adventure story!

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