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salm53 Mar 21 '17
Hey folks, I couldn't help but notice the lack of activity on this site. I was on faithbook once before and don't remember it being like this. Some people haven't been active since 2016. Any ideas as to why? I recently re-joined as a nice break from facebook where the topics and some people can be so un-Godly. Hope everyone is doing well. Thanks David for welcoming me back! <><
I noticed the same once I joined yesterday ! I had it in prayer.Certainly the devil drove people out or distracted them,but we must pray to reach out and bring back some and for new believers to come join us for nurturing themselves in the Word & in God's love 
Psalms 61:2
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BillGlenney Mar 30 '17
I  tend  to  agree as  well.  I couldn't get  feed back on improving the site.  I think  there is a lack of motivation  to continue to walk with Jesus  for some as  Facebook draw them away from the proper path.  I you guys  have  idea  to "bring back" the Faithful, I am all ears.
P.S. i am the site designer and maintenance so please  ANY feedback would help in improving Faithbook
David Mar 31 '17
Sal, I also have to agree with you on this topic. Bill and myself have been racking our brains trying to figure out how to improve things, to make this a more appealing site for others to come together at. It seems we as children of God would rather go and socialize Facebook, than here among God's Children. So like Bill said, if any of you have Ideas please do share them with us. More minds sharing are better than just one or two... 


P.S. I was driven to start faithbook, but couldn't have done it without Bill's help along the way.

Doesn't this site have Facebook or Instagram,Twitter,etc ? THERE ARE PLENTY of christian account feeds on Instagram,my favorite site thus I post,mostely cat humor stuff but also positive messages,I follow intersts of mine,both secular AND christian too.

Open accounts there on these social media and invite christian feeds to join Faithbook.

I just spread the word about Faithbook on Vkontakte & Facebook. THAT is what we should do since I have friends of Facebook who are christians.

David Apr 1 '17
Well Gualberto, Bill and I have also tried that, with little results. But like anything, we keep trying, and appreciate you also spreading the word. Thank you again for being here with us....

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