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BillGlenney Aug 13 '16
Local communist authorities in China’s Guizhou province have announced the termination of welfare and social security benefits for Christians who are caught attending church services.

One local source said that officials had announced that practicing Christians would no longer be eligible for social security benefits or old-age insurance. County officials then “called on the government in the towns and villages to order believers to sign [a guarantee], stating that if they gathered again, their welfare would be cut off,” the source said.

According to the U.S.-based rights group China Aid, the announcement was made on July 2, but has only now been publicized.

The Chinese government has ratcheted up its persecution of “unofficial” religion not under government control, especially against Christianity which is experiencing dramatic growth in the country.

In a similar attack on thriving Christian churches, China’s Communist party recently issued an ultimatum to parents warning that if their children do not stop attending church, they will be barred from college or entering the military.

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BillGlenney Aug 13 '16
This look to be what it will be like during the Tribulation time, Only that the Chinese has not started the "mark of the beast" way of doing the persecution.. . .yet.  The only way you can be part of the Chinese society is by renouncing the Christian faith and worship the Communist Party Leader. What a  sad  preview of  what will come.
China persues anything they know is good and promotes compassion & sweet humanity.The mentality of the eastern world,they will also expect all to know better in high expectancy. Even their Tao philosophy which contemplates the issues of life kinda like the book of Ecclesiastes does in the bible does among other like Falun Dafa thus,just like greek philosophers who were rebels and did not believe in the greek gods,most ideologies from certain countries are a by product of the the logical rebellion of how local government treats the common folk they are suppost to protect.

JUST FOR THE RECORD. The book of Ecclesiastes is great to help Taoists to get to know JESUS. The bookof James is awesome for buddhists to know JESUS,and to ALL the Beatitudes & ALWAYS TO EVERYBODY the sayings of John the Baptist recorded in the bible. People in the far east in general want to go to immortality after death,they fear reencarnation & one would need to tell them that JESUS promises eternal life,that all sin is aquitted so we can go home to immortality that God will give us in eternal life. One goes on business to live there as a doctor or something and hold meetings about JESUS and present the mindset available in the Gospels about facts like the Beatitudes,and all and slip in that JESUS forgives sin(all the Gospel & thru the bloodthat God forgives & resolves the dilemma of "karma"(consequences of actions) that they would not make it to eternal life after their death,and that,with Jesus forgiveness,right after death,one is going to eternal life so they are never again to fear anything ugly after death.

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