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Students are mindful of what they study, talk and how they behave every day. They have problems too. They seek solutions to those problems. Students are faced with relationship issues. Falling in and out of love is the order of the day for many of them. When a student is not seeking forgiveness for failing to show up during their anniversary, he or she would be busy ditching a partner if they turn out to be unfaithful. Relationships have dramatic endings. Students fight or even kill each other all in the name of love. College relationships are a dangerous ground to walk in. Most of the students in relationships opt to hire in order to deal with their personal problems.

Students complain when they are not taught sufficiently; they launch complaints to the dean of students. They also gang up and confront the lecturer for failing to show up for classes without prior notice. They communicate with protocol to show a little respect for them. Sometimes they get hard topics for their essays. A topic like a term paper writing compels a student to think out of the box and come up with viable ideas. Students have solutions for these problems but wait until it has happened to do the needful. They end up regretting. 

bidhan Oct 20 '16 · Tags: top students problems

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