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I would like to share with you A Servant Of God.

His life began on 14 May 1929, when he was born in Brooklyn New York, to a couple who migrated from Puerto Rico. At first, his parents didn't know what to name him, so they called him Male. Male was the third child of four. Eventually his parents changed his name to David.

David grew up in a Christian home along with his parents. He remembers returning home from church on Sunday evenings, and without turning on the lights his mother would tell them to take their places. They all knew what had to be done. Once in their respective positions, his mother would turn on the lights, and the kids would start stomping! He recalls hundreds of cockroach's! So they would commence to stomp their feet killing as many as possible. His greatest wish was to get his family out of there and move somewhere nicer.

At the age of ten, he surrendered his life to the Lord, and by the age of twelve, he had promised God that he would serve him as a Missionary. David was an ordinary boy growing up in Brooklyn, and recalls that he and his older brother Ray would get into some scuffles with other kids of different Nationalities. He said that the Italians would go over and beat up on the Irish, and then the Irish would come and beat up on the Puerto Ricans, and the cycle continued. As he grew older, he and his brother excelled in sports especially Baseball.

In 1947 when Dave (as he became known as) was 18 years old, saw an ad in the paper stating that the Brooklyn Dodgers were holding tryouts. So, Dave grabbed his catchers mitt and gear, Ray his brother grabbed his outfielders mitt and they headed out to the tryouts. There must of been hundreds of boys that showed up. Dave thinking to himself that this was the opportunity he had been waiting for to get his family out of Brooklyn. He told the Lord that if he made the team, he would send Missionaries in his name to the mission field. Dave had forgotten the promise he had made God to serve HIM. Well, when tryouts were through there were a few boys still standing, and Dave was one of them.

One day behind the plate at practice, Dave remembers the last pitch of the day. He did something that a catcher never does, and that is, he tried catching a foul tipped ball with his non gloved hand. He didn't think anything about it, but when he reached down to pick up the ball, he noticed blood dripping from his hand, and onto the ball.. The manager looked at his hand, and noticed that the ball had split his webbing between his pinkie and ring finger on his throwing hand. His manager said "three stitches, three weeks and you'll be back. Want to sign your contract now or when you get back?" Dave said "when I get back." Three months went by not three weeks before his injury healed. By this time his position had been filled with the Brooklyn Dodgers, and God had reminded him that he promised HIM that he (Dave) would serve him as a Missionary.

In 1952, Dave was drafted into the US Army. He kept reminding God of his promise to HIM to go to the Mission field. One day they were calling names out of those who were going to go from Japan to Korea. They stopped ten names shy of his name, and was spared going over to Korea. Later that next day, Dave found out that his Company had been entirely wiped out. He served the remainder of the Korean war In Japan playing Softball! God had spared him.

From 1953-1956, Dave attended Philadelphia Bible Institute where he met his soon to be wife Beverly. In December of 1957 they had their first child, Debbie, and he graduated from Baptist Bible Seminary in 1959. By this time he started to raise support so he could go to Chile SA as a missionary with ABWE.(Association Of Baptist For World Evangelism). October 1960 they had their second child, and named him David. By September of 1961 they found themselves in Chile.

Bev and Dave served in Chile for 10 years all the while taking over an established church that needed re-establishing do to it being in total disarray. They also established another church while there. In 1971 they found themselves in Sydney Australia, where they and their two children established a church in Kellyville a suburb of Sydney. As if that wasn't good enough, they took on the task of starting a Spanish Speaking church as well. They had established two churches now, and both were growing in number. Dave and Bev were in Australia from 1971-1976, and then again 1977-1983.

Dave had always had a burden to work amongst the Spanish speaking people here in the United States, so he and Bev moved to Ft. Lauderdale in 1985. They established a Spanish Speaking church, and about 1990 an English speaking church asked him if he would be an interim Pastor. Well that interim status lasted for 18 years. Once again he found himself doing double duty. His wife Bev was always there by his side, not only as his wife, but partner, and a missionary herself. She was his right hand. Bev was called home on 16 March 1992 after a 3 year bout with Ovarian Cancer. Dave continued his service to God as a missionary until he retired from ABWE in 2005.

He continues to serve as the Pastor for the the church he and Bev established. Iglesia Imanuel in Ft Lauderdale. He just turned 80 years young in May of this year, and Loves serving the Lord. He has a Bible class which he has hosted for many years, and his ministry also involves a prison ministry as well as hospital visitations I've know Dave all my life, 'cause you see he's not only a Servant of God, but he's my Hero, my Mentor, My Friend, but most of all, He's My Dad. To this day, he thanks God for three little stitches!

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