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The constant backstabbing and sabotaging of work by fellow employees in the name of competition was getting on my last nerve. Since I had joined the organization, I would find myself looking over my shoulder hoping that no one had followed me to steal my ideas or destroy my documents. The workplace dynamic was full of tension, and everyone seemed to have a paranoid view that someone was out to take his or her jobs. When I was outside the company looking in as a civilian, I used to admire how the company seemed to hold it together even during the financial recession.

My job search led me to research paper writing help website. It had the best guidelines, and also software on how I was going to make my resume and cover letter attractive to the recruiters. Its marketing strategies and advertisements always drew me to buy their products. When I was on campus, I would tell my friends that one would wish to work for the company when I graduated. During my job search, the company never seemed to leave my mind, and I wanted to make sure that I got my foot through the door. I wanted my documentation to speak for me, even before the recruiters saw me face to face at the interview.

bishal Oct 29 '16 · Tags: more than meets the eye

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