The Word has been a soother.I have autism,squizo affective paranoia with ADHD from haveAutismbutJESUSmanMethodist's blog

Autism has struck me in the face prior to my official diagnosis @ age 18. They were afraid to give the official diagnosis when I was a kid. I have always never been able enough or good enough for most things,too dumb( MY feelings,not others'.Others overestimated my potencial enough to be angry about my failures,which I knew I was too dumb to be successful,but I was happy with living with myself anyway)

Autism spectrum disorder I have got makes me limp thru life(figuratively speaking)but my limping in my mental conduct hurts less now.Isaiah 40:31 helped me a lot (check my profile for posts,I have a pic) I WOULD LOVE TO SHARE A PERSONAL EXPERIENCE !! I have bought this devotional some time ago. AS MY USERNAME REVEALS,I have autism.To be specific,it is of a squizo affective paranoid with ADHD ! I was on meds which did battle by lightening the symptoms. The meds side effects,however were so strong that I took half the dosis and yet were still making me drowsey and making one time of the day feel like another. I GAVE UP ON THE MEDS but I decided to grab on th the Word of God. Already I felt an oppression lift from me when I got a hold of this devotional,which was a common struggle among believers,autistic or not...BUT I GRABBED ON TO this passage of the book of Isaiah,of the bible and I AM BACK ON THE EXACT SAME EFFECTS THE MEDICATION DID,but WITHOUT THE SIDE EFFECTS ! One should grab on to Scripture's messages.You see,with your heart( meaning your free will mental conduct power potencial { ALSO suggest READ 2 Timothy 1:7 for reenforced indoctrination about this I am talking about,of the "heart ")SO WHENEVER you face temptation,find a Scripture that contradicts sin,just like JESUS did to resist the devil's temptation. ALSO when you may be discourage or hopeless,use a written promise. The devil said to JESUS, 'If you are really the Son of God command that these rocks into bread " SEEMS THAT devil first attacked His self esteem,TRYING TO FORCE hIM TO PROVE the devil ?? JEEPERS ! JESUS resisted with the Word saying "it is written " SOON I WANNA POST ABOUT THE SELF ESTEEM in relationship with biblical occurances,coming soon, if God wills and Holy Spirit's inspiration :) God bless you all

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Apr 30 '17
Man, you are Blessed in many way to come through that. May God continue to Bless you through your Daily walk.
May 2 '17
My autism is irreversable :( but God could if He wanted to but seemed to have said no.I am still stuck with the "limping in life " it causes me,but the "limping " is "hurting less" because of THIS I shared.Basically I am stuck at age 14 or less but I count on my experience to be a blessing to those around me,& walk the life in JESUS. I am doing a special program where they take me out & I learn stuff how to integrate in civilized society.One of my workers (who happens to be a christian & worships at a church of the Praise Chapel ministry,she says my conducts are like teens and she works,her secular job is with people like me. She works with me on Mondays,and I have another lady Fridays,also christian & I have worked with another lady & always happy with me. They cannot believe the normal adult conversations they can have with me.PRAISE JESUS !! I can not keep a job(my brain is too laggy,worse then a child's) and shamefully I have to live off my social security:( but my conversation skills are normal range....MYSTERIOUSLY ....PLUS,I have time to help my mother at home,doing things she forgets,overlooks or can not herself and as for me, " ora e labora" = pray & work (things of our house ) & be as constant in prayer,songs(& worship)as possible.YES,in my mind mostely. Devil is always lurking so YIKES !! I trust God links us to Himself thanx to the grace thru JESUS blood in which our forgiveness of our sins resides.The link Adam & Eve lost by sinning,is restored to all who repent,and as we cultivate & transform in God.Autism wasn't an obsticle as you can see by my icon,I am in our choir,when I moved to this city,so to a new church,they liked my voice as I worshipped God,after service was suggested and invited to join the choir and have been worshipping in the choir since last November when I started this East Whittier Unithed Methodist church here in Southern CaliforniaMy autism is irreversable :( but God could if He wanted to but seemed to have said no.I am still stuck with the "limping in life " it causes me,but the "limping " is "hurting ...See more
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